Print labels, barcodes, price tags, promotional materials, etc.

  • Unlimited number available for printing product parameters, including product name, prices of various types, discount, SKU, code, barcode, old price, unit, characteristic, properties, product description, etc.

  • Barcodes 1D and 2D (more than 50 types) EAN-13, EAN-8, UPCA, Code 39, Code 128, EAN-128, Codabar, ITF, QR code, PDF417, etc.

  • Images and various geometric shapes as well as icons

  • Product images. Images from the program database or from a third-party program are used.

  • Save labels to PDF, Excel files or as PNG images and print it elsewhere, if you do not have a printer at your workplace or if it gets faulty.

  • Auto-fit font sizes. The display of full text in labels, regardless of text length. The font size will auto-fit so as to fit the text in the available space.

  • Rotate shapes and texts in the labels at any angle

  • The display multiple prices in labels. For example, retail and wholesale price.

  • Using formulas in labels. For example, you can increase the price by 10 % and round up to 10. Or, for example, add to current date 12 days, etc.

  • Formulas for forming a barcode and changing the type of barcode "on the fly" according to specified conditions

  • The use of Pascal scripts in labels, giving unlimited possibilities for changing and displaying data in labels

  • Print labels, barcodes, promotional materials, price tags and more through any printer, incl. ordinary printer, label printer (thermal printer) or marking device. Program is suitable for all label sizes from the smallest to A4 or US Letter, and bigger. Print on self-adhesive sheet labels of any layout.

  • 3,000 pre-designed label layout you can choose from (Apli, Avery, Herma, Lomond, and many more). The ability to add your own layouts

  • Scaling labels when printing to exactly the right size if needed print labels with sizes larger or smaller than template dimensions

  • Detailed print settings saved for each user, template, printer

  • Printing sets of products , when the product and its components are displayed in one label

  • Visibility of shapes and text in the labels, depending on the conditions For example, the price is more than a certain number, the product name contains a specific string, etc.

  • Incremental and decreasing counters of various types (the total number of labels, the number of labels for each product, the number of products, etc.)

  • Various visual effects for shapes and text

  • High print quality

  • Printer language support (ZPL, CPCL, TSPL, EPL, DPL, etc.) for printing labels, sending commands to a printer

  • Support for using SVG vector graphics

Storage of goods and services in the program database

  • Storage of goods and services in the product catalog , common to all users of the program. Storage of many parameters of products.

  • Adding your own columns in the product catalog for storing and printing an unlimited number of additional product parameters

  • Saving data for printing separately for each user of the program. Data for printing is a list of products along with general data, such as: organization, document type, document number and date, contractor, etc.

  • Accounting sets of products and related products

  • Accounting barcodes and serial numbers of products. Unlimited quantity for each product

  • Placement of products in folders

  • Display products as list or hierarchical list

  • Search and add products by barcode

  • Search and selection of products by the content of any column with different conditions

  • Selection of products whose parameters have been changed since a certain date

  • Generation of barcodes EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A for products based on product code, product ID or random number, both with and without prefix

  • Marking for deletion instead of direct deletion excludes accidental deletion of products and other important data

  • Setting for each product its label template

  • Backup and restore database from backup

Label templates

  • Easily create label templates and modify existing ones using the built-in template editor

  • Ready-made label templates of various subjects, supplied with the application

Data import / External data

  • Import data or print labels from Excel files, ODF spreadsheets (OpenOffice, LibreOffice, etc.) , delimited text files ( CSV, etc. ), clipboard, from any external source via ODBC ( SQL Server, Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, etc. ), directly from SQLite databases

  • Flexible settings, an error control system, and the ability to test imports without changing data ​​strong> allow you to perform various import scenarios and avoid errors

Multi-user work in the program

  • Simultaneous work of several users from several workplaces via a local network / VPN / global network or terminal connections (remote desktop RDP). Common templates and data (using a single database)

  • Login restriction using login and password

  • The system of differentiation of user access rights . Perhaps a combination of: full rights, printing, printing settings, template editor, changing data, external starting / working through the built-in HTTP server

Data export

  • Export data to Excel files

Integration with other programs / web sites

  • Integration with websites and external accounting systems and programs through the export / import of data or through the API

  • Run with command line parameters (API via command line parameters)

  • Built-in HTTP server (API via HTTP requests or API via the clipboard when working on a remote server via RDP without the possibility of installing the program)


  • Portable version

  • Remote work with the application from anywhere in the world, if you have a static IP address or VPN

Start printing labels within a few minutes after installing PriceLabel on your computer!