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Basic features

  • Create labels with texts
  • Print labels of any size
  • Built-in database that stores goods data (prices, barcodes, stock, etc.)
  • Single-user license*


billed monthly
billed one-time

Extended features

  • Create labels with texts, images and barcodes
  • Print labels of any size
  • 1D Barcodes
  • Built-in database that stores goods data (prices, barcodes, stock, etc.)
  • Free technical support:
    - for subscription for the entire duration of the license
    - for one-time within 3 months from the date of purchase
  • Minor updates and bug fixes free of charge
  • Upgrade to a new version:
    - for subscription is free of charge during the entire period of the license validity
    - for one-time is free of charge within 3 months from the date of purchase, then with a 30% discount
  • Single-user license*


billed monthly
billed one-time
billed monthly
billed one-time

Maximum features +

Everything in Pro, and:
  • Simultaneous work of several users (up to 5 or up to 25 users)
  • Work via local network and Remote desktop sessions
  • Common to all users data and templates
  • Access control and user rights system (logon with password; control of rights of printing, editing, etc.)
  • Printer language support (ZPL, CPCL, TSPL, EPL, DPL, etc.) for printing labels, sending commands to a printer
  • Increasing number of concurrent users (+5 or +25 on each additional Corporate license)
  • Multi-user (floating) license*

* A single-user license permits work with PriceLabel on one computer. A multi-user (floating) license enables a several of users to work with PriceLabel on any number of computers independent of location.

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